HOF at the SLF

Apparently there is a submarine hall of fame and both of my boats are members. We were famous and now there is a shadow box on the wall at the SLF right where everyone will see it and wonder 'famous for what?'

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Submarine Hall of Fame announcement Submarine Hall of Fame announcement Submarine Hall of Fame announcement

This will help keep the Chinese and Russian Intel people confused for another decade.

Submarine Hall of Fame announcement

The officers and crew including the first, second, and final commanding officers.

SSN-709 Officers and Crew in May 2022

I got to tour around and chat with the first, last, and my commanding officer of the Rickover. Good times. David Trolinger and Admiral Cohen Captain and Albert Bergall Shadow Box

This is the VIP and my life long shipmate Scott Albert.

Took a tour of the pier 3 and the Albany. Did not get underway.


Changed the oil.

Went flying.

I have a video camera mounted on the dash and I review the video, sometimes.

Just North of San Antonio I saw an airplane passing under me and the cheap camera picked it up.

By the time that I got to East Texas it was raining but the ceiling was good so I just went around it. Made it to Starkville for a night landing. Still had some wind but the temp/dewpoint spread had dropped to zero.

Blue sky. Gray sky. Blue sky.

Night sky. Landing at Starkville Mississippi just after dark.

Log log

Storm. Storm, grounded. Grounded.


I had planned on leaving five days earlier but the weather was crap. Canceled the Ohio trip and didn't think that Norfolk was gonna happen either. But the forecast turned positive and two days before the HOF I flew, first leg to Starkville MS for an over night.

Checked the weather when I got to the hotel in Starkville and the forecast showed LIFR and IFR for the next 3 days.

Next day I walked around town, thought that I had found a rental, didn't, did, and with lots of help got a clown car from Enterprise. Seems like a lot for a Fred Flintstone car, $100 per day. Just a few months back I had a full sized in Florida for $50/day but I think that was a special 'crew rate' from the airport.

When I was loading up for the drive a huge storm came into Starkville and the FBO closed for the day. I guess they roll up the sidewalks around 2pm during the off season when the University is closed.

My visit to Starkville was so good that I wrote a letter to the Mayor.

Trip to Amelia Virginia for Memorial Day

So long Izzy and thanks for all the lessons, good and bad.

On the return trip I saw a cool airplane and took a famous picture. Maybe this kid will make it off of the planet.

Camera SD card change

1986, a long time ago, I guess

Washburn ... Galindo ... Trolinger in front of the BCP/SCP on SSN-709
Pretty sure that all of us would do it again if offered.

If you have stuff to add or nice comments to make please email me at ssn709@trolinger.com
David Trolinger, June 2022

52 Boats that are still on patrol

Submarine Hall of Fame announcement